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Key Trends in the Market

Changes in regulations, insurance reimbursement and capital market dynamics have created considerable opportunities in the rural healthcare market. Key trends driving these opportunities include:

  • Continued dynamic growth of outpatient service models
  • Greater acceptance of quality health care outside the traditional hospital setting
  • Significant in-roads for preventative care
  • Physician's role strengthening as the gatekeeper of the industry

We believe our business and focus on the rural healthcare market caters to a need that is currently not being met or underserved by the majority of the healthcare industry. Our management, financial, and other services offer a wide range of benefits to rural and community hospitals including:

  • Improved reimbursement dynamics
  • Reduced or eliminated bad debt exposure
  • Retention of employees in a vehicle that supports fair compensation and benefits
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Outsourcing of management services to industry professionals with “best practices” expertise
  • Preservation of quality healthcare services for the local community

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