Hospital A and Hospital B originally opened in 1978. Over the years, both facilities struggled
  financially and went through multiple ownership changes. Hospital A eventually collapsed
  into full bankruptcy. Hospital B was damaged by a tornado in 1999 and ceased operations
  for a period of time, reopening in 2001. Hospital B was granted CAH designation in 2002,
  but continued to under-perform financially. Both hospitals could barely provide basic levels
  of patient care; many times, the hospital had a census of zero. The hospitals carried several
  years of accounts payable owed to vendors - totaling millions of dollars. Most major services
  were cut off. Staffing suffered as well; the current wages being offered were below market
  and there were no health benefits. In short, the hospitals were in dire financial condition
  and clinically irrelevant to the community. Large scale out-migration from both communities
  to the OKC metropolitan areas for healthcare was the standard. Unfortunately, this is
  the plight and current state for most Critical Access Hospitals.

  Hospital C opened in 1950, and like many critical access hospitals, the facility deteriorated
  over the years due to lack of funding for basic hospital maintenance and services. The facility
  had strong support from the community but struggled to keep the doors open. By 2019, the
  hospital was bankrupt, cut off from vendors, and forced to shut down the inpatient unit and
  only staff the Emergency Department while employees worked months without pay. The
  hospital was placed in receivership and up for auction due to pending debt and other factors.





  The hospital’s partnership with First Physicians Capital Group (FPCG) resulted in a
  more vibrant environment, providing high-quality care to the community. Hospital C’s
  ADC quadrupled from 0-3 patients to 8-12 patients in a matter of six months.
  Staffing has increased with a 92% retention rate of previously employed
  staff. Significant improvements to the facility include a new roof, generator, medical
  gas system, nurse call system, digital x-ray, updated flooring, HVAC replacement,
  and various other interior and exterior improvements.

  By partnering with First Physicians Capital Group, the hospitals were not only
  able to survive, but also thrive. First Physicians invested the time, expertise,
  and capital needed to improve the hospital's operations and allowed them to
  provide high quality care to a diverse and medically complex group of patients.
  First Physicians strong network of healthcare contacts marketed the hospitals'
  new capabilities and drove significant improvements in revenue generation.
  People are now and will continue to stay in their communities and receive
  healthcare close to home.

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